6800 Flatcar w/ Airplane: Black over Yellow (7+/OB)

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 Condition:  7+            Original Box:  6            Year:  1957

9 photos available above

Up for sale is a beautiful Lionel flatcar with an original, undamaged postwar Lionel airplane. The flatcar has vibrant exterior colors and complete side lettering. The airplane is complete, not cracked nor damaged and all tabs to secure the wings into the main body of the airplane as well as the front propeller are present. It should be noted one of the wings will occasionally pop out/off of the main body as the tabs are just a tad worn from assembly / unassembly -- but again, none of the tabs are damaged. Lastly, below is a summary of the features on this freight car:

  • Complete, undamaged original airplane
  • Airplane has a black top fuselage over a yellow belly and a yellow propeller
  • Flatcar has complete & functional bar-end trucks
  • Stock # of 6800 is printed on the left of the Lionel lettering

Finally, an original Late Classic box is included with this freight car. The box is solid, looks nice, but is missing the coupler flaps and both interior flaps on one end. However, as seen in the photos above, both end and tuck flaps are present.

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