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The Fairbanks-Morse H-24-66, commonly known in the Lionel community as the FM Train Master, was a diesel-electric locomotive produced by the Fairbanks-Morse company. These six-axle road switchers, were deployed in the United States and Canada during the 1950s. In total, 107 units were built by Fairbanks-Morse, predominately for eastern United States railroads.

Touted by Fairbanks-Morse as "...the most useful locomotive ever built..." upon its introduction in 1953, the 2,400 horsepower H-24-66 Train Master was the most powerful single-engine diesel locomotive available at the time. It quickly became legendary for its pulling power as well as rapid acceleration. Unfortunately, while some railroads saw advantages in the Train Master's great power, the perception on the part of others was the locomotive had too much horsepower. Some of its shortcomings of the Train Master included difficulties in maintaining an opposed-piston engine, inadequacies in the electrical system and a higher-than-normal consumption of cooling water. Whether the locomotive was ahead of its time or simply had too many limitations, the Train Master had poor marketplace acceptance. Fairbanks-Morse eventually left the locomotive business in 1957.

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