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All Aboard Train Shoppe

Family-run business:
All Aboard Train Shoppe is a family-run business. Like most train enthusiasts, the romance of family train collecting started with a simple train set delivered by Santa one Christmas morning. In my family, dad (and yes, even my father-in-law) received a pre-war Lionel train set as their introduction into the toy train hobby. My dad's set consisted of the lil' 258 steamer, tender and some freight cars while my father-in-law was lucky enough to have a 1666 steam freight set. And, as most stories go, those sets created a unique family feeling, unity and drive that snowballed beyond anyone's belief!

Open For Business: May 1993:
My wife is given credit for creating the company name -- All Aboard Train Shoppe. Our first ad appeared in early 1993 in the Classic Toy Trains magazine. Throughout the 1990's we were a regular advertiser in their wonderful magazine. However, since the advent of the internet, we've opened our on-line store in January 1999 and now focus our attention completely to this website.

Focus is original Postwar Lionel trains:
Our business is focused in original Lionel trains produced during their classic postwar era -- 1945 to 1969. However, we do have a small selection of post-1969 era Lionel trains available most of the time.

In addition to the classic postwar trains, we have a large selection of accessories, catalogues, boxes and much more. In many cases, these non-train items are excellent collection fillers and even more fun to locate compared to the trains themselves. Lastly, we even have original magazine advertisements from the postwar era depicting Lionel advertising at its best. Lastly, for the folks that love to operator their trains, we have a large supply of operator-grade trains at very affordable prices.

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