Motive Power

The mainstay of Lionel's postwar motive power fleet was unquestionably the steam locomotive. Steam engines were available in every year of postwar production as well as various sizes. As the early postwar steam only years transitioned to the 1950’s, Lionel began to offer diesel locomotives – which paralleled the real railroad industry of the time. And by the mid-1950s, diesel and electric motive power shared the catalogue spotlight with steam locomotives.

Not a company to sit on its laurels, Lionel began producing small motorized units in the mid-1950’s. These smaller motorized units served three purposes; first it continued to diversify the product line, secondly, it continued to parallel a move in the real rail industry for smaller, more efficient power units and lastly, offered a lower price point for a locomotive type unit. These motorized units were self-propelled, small in size, contained a single motor and pulling power was minimal.

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