2461 Flatcar w/ Transformer: Early or Pre-Production (7++/OB)

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 Condition:  7++           Original Box:  6           Year:  1946

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Now available for sale is an extremely rare, early or pre-production variation of the 2461 Flatcar with Transformer. This freight car has no side lettering nor numbers plus the 2461 is rubber stamped on the base of the flatcar. This particular freight car has gorgeous exterior colors with a clean, complete, undamaged transformer -- that includes original, undamaged transformer coils! Overall, a beautiful looking freight car that is close to condition 8 plus it includes all four corner metal footsteps and fully functional staple-end trucks with coil couplers that are free of rust and oxidation.

Also included is the original box and insert. The box has all flaps on one end (although most have clear tape on the interior) but is missing most flaps on the opposite end. Lastly, the original insert is included with the box.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review