9530 - 9534 Southern Crescent Limited Five Car Passenger Set (NOS)

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 Condition:  NOS          Original Box:  N/A            Year:  1977

Up for sale is a beautiful, New Old Stock Southern Crescent Limited five car passenger set from 1977. These Madison-style passenger cars continue to be a popular choice with operators and collectors given their prototypical paint scheme as well as several better featuers not seen on the early MPC era Madison style passenger cars. Included in the set are the following passenger cars:

  • 9530 Baggage Car
  • 9531 Combination Car
  • 9532 Pullman Coach
  • 9533 Pullman Coach
  • 9534 Observation Car

Each of these passenger cars have never been used and is truly in brand-new condition. The external colors are spotless, the side graphics and lettering are pristine plus the base, trucks and couplers are new with no signs of usage, rust nor oxidation. Even the observation car includes the original unopened packet containing the rear insignia for the deck. Features of the passenger cars include:

  • Illuminated interiors
  • Four wheel plastic trucks
  • Functional couplers on each end -- including the rear deck of the observation car
  • Beautiful and prototypical Southern colors and graphics
  • All boxes are solid, complete with all flaps and have intact front cellophane panels
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review