3462 Automatic Refrigerator Car w/ Stand (7/OB)

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 Condition:  7          Original Box:  6          Year:  1948

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Up for sale is a clean, all-original 3462 operating milk car, complete with an original stand, milk cans and box. This operating milk car has been thoroughly cleaned, serviced, tested and is ready to run on your layout. Externally, the colors are vibrant with minimal to barely no signs of aging, the side lettering and graphics are crisp however there are paint rub marks on many of the rivets and high areas. Also included with the milk car is an original milk stand and seven postwar milk cans.

Lastly, the original box, insert and instructions (dated 1/48) are included. The box is missing one tuck flap, but all other flaps are present -- plus there is clear tape on the interior of most flaps. The original insert is also include and it's solid and complete.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review