334 Dispatch Board (7/OB)

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Product Overview

 Condition:  7           Original Box:  8             Year:  1957

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Now available for sale is the somewhat hard-to-find Dispatch Board that is complete and fully functional! This trackside accessory is complete and not damaged nor cracked, but there are minor surface marks from usage on the exterior. The accessory has been cleaned, serviced, tested and operates perfectly. The external colors are clean, the lettering and graphics are in nice condition plus the base is free of rust and oxidation.

Also included with the Dispatch Board is its original box, all three original inserts, 334-87 component envelope, 334-86 instructions, 90C controller plus four # 81-32 connecting wires. The original box and inserts are nice and clean, solid and look great.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review