2755 Sunoco Single Dome Tanker (7/OB)

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 Condition:  7          Original Box:  7+          Year:  1945

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Now available for sale is the somewhat rare 2755 tank car, a one-year-only item from 1945. The exterior tank car body is undamaged, has original silver paint however the side decals are reproduction decals. The body is straight and not dinged nor dented plus the frame is nice and straight. Additionally, the trucks are the correct variation with staple-end trucks, coil couplers plus complete and undamaged flying shoe activation contacts -- with the correct 1945 whirly wheels on the interior of the wheel!

Also included is the correct 2555 Art Deco box and insert from 1945. The box does not include the Toy Manufacturers logo and is missing only one interior flap -- but there is clear tape on a couple of other flaps. The insert is complete, solid and free of stains and tears.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review