2432 Clifton Vista Dome Passenger Car (7+/OB)

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 Condition:  7+           Original Box:  8+          Year:  1957

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Now available for sale is a nice and clean, all-original Clifton passenger car and its original box from the late 1950's. The passenger car has been thoroughly cleaned, tested and all interior lights do work properly plus both operating couplers work just as designed by Lionel. Externally, the body of the passenger car is extremely clean with a vibrant silver exterior, crisp, complete side lettering plus the car is free of nicks, chips and damage. Internally, the car is extremely clean plus the trucks, couplers and base are free of rust and oxidation.

Finally, this passenger car includes a solid and complete Late Classic box. The box has all interior and exterior flaps, both coupler flaps and is free of writing, puncture holes and damage. There is clear tape on the interior of a few flaps.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review