1876 Western & Atlantic Mail / Baggage Passenger Car: Box Only (5)

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 *   *   Component Box Only   *   *

Condition:   5

Box Style:   Perforated Panel

Year(s):   1959 & 1960

Box Flap Summary: Missing one coupler and one inner flap

Additional Comments: Now available for sale is an original box for the illuminated Western & Atlantic Mail / Baggage passenger car. This orange perforated panel box is missing one coupler flap as well as one interior flap, however both end and tuck flaps are still present. Additionally, there is a lot of clear tape on the interior keeping the box together. As seen in the photos above, part of the perforated panel is disconnected plus externally, the colors are decent, but there is some aging and discoloration. Overall, a decent placeholder box for this passenger car that is generally found in rough condition as these boxes did not hold up well over time.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review