KW 190 Watt Transformer (8+/OB)

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 Condition:  8+              Original Box:  8              Year:  1952

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Now available for sale is an absolutely gorgeous, all original 190-watt Lionel KW transformer -- with many of the extras as original sold by Lionel that are frequently missing today! The transformer has been thoroughly cleaned, serviced, tested and is ready to install on your layout. All output terminals work properly, there is nothing broken nor damaged on the transformer and it even includes the original, pliable line cord! Below is a summary of the items included with this transformer:

  • Original KW transformer, complete and ready to install
  • Original instructions correctly dated October 1951, however there is a small 1" x 3" section missing on the lower right portion of the front page
  • Original envelope for the orange whistle controller
  • Two original postwar maroon wires -- which were only included with transformers
  • Original CTC lock-on
  • Original factory inspection tag
  • OPS Stamped box -- dating the transformer to the early 1952 era
  • Both packing inserts -- which are extremely rare to find these days

Don't miss out on this opportunity to purchase a near-new, absolutely complete KW transformer from the early 1950's!

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